World Series of Poker 2008

World series of poker 2008 will be a fun and exciting time together with TONS of money at stake and also a chance to win millions and tens of thousands of dollars. If you go to full tilt poker or poker stars you can see mini step events that dominoqq to the main event. You start step one and the top two finishers move ahead into the alternative, while 3rd place wins you the following ticket into the exact same step. You’ll find a total of seven steps. Towards the bigger steps 5, 7, 6, in the event that you finish after 3rd place you still win chairs to steps below the main one you were at. The only way to really lose when playing steps is to finish above 5th place in the subsequent rounds. It’s fun and fun and won of the greatest ways to secure a ticket that is great for the main event. For two dollars you are able to have a 10k+ world series of poker ticket. Not only do you get a ticket to the most important function, you receive 2500 bucks in traveling expenses which will cover your plane ticket and hotel! You are able to check out the world series of poker homepage for the latest results which can be upgraded up to this 2nd.

I had never been happy in my entire life. I thought it I was going to really have a really good chance to win this season, but unfortunately something came up and I had been forced to offer my ticket. I got $11,200 for my ticket and traveling. Instead of the entire $12,500 value I received just 1300 bucks less for attempting to sell it. Which means, even if you aren’t planning on attending the whole world series of poker, even in the event you secure a ticket you can always sell it to get a huge chunk of change. There’s nothing such as a world series of poker and it is really the only way to go because of just how simple it is to gain a chair. In the event that you can play, you can be another winner! You want to really go at your own pace in winning these satellite ticket events. You are able to turn into the next WSOP winner and always be famous. You will receive millions and millions of dollars in cyberspace and eventually become some sort of renown poker player. People might visit Google and type in entire series of poker players and watch your name. Playing inside this major event is exactly like winning 600+ single table sit n go’s at once. That’s the way you will need to check at it. When playing, you have to simply take it a table at a moment, win that dining table , and proceed! I wish one of the very best of fortune!

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